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Group Consultations to help
Pediatricians DoBetter with
managing Behavioral

Health Patients

Are your patients struggling with anxiety, depression, mood lability, suicidal thoughts, or other behavioral health concerns?

Have they been waiting to see a psychiatrist, but remain in your care?

Do you feel under-equipped to take care of them?


Are you frustrated with the system for not finding a solution to help?


As a child psychiatrist, I know that the youth mental health crisis is affecting pediatricians all over the country, but especially in areas where there are far too few psychiatrists and therapists to help meet the need.


I provide expert consultations for your toughest pediatric psychiatric patients in a virtual consultation model.


Ask questions in a HIPPA-compliant setting within a private, supportive group of fellow pediatricians.


Receive answers from an experienced Child Psychiatrist who will provide concise recommendations to help you save time and stress.


Bring in your challenging behavioral health cases.

Leave with solution-focused interventions - medication changes, supplements, and therapeutic statements- that you can use to help your patients do better.

Group Consultation Goals:

  • Help you learn how to ask the right questions from youth and their parents so that you Know Better

  • Help you develop a treatment plan with medication and therapeutic statements to help them Do Better

  • Help you save time and experience less stress so you Feel Better


                      Starting in August 2023!!!  Please email me in you are interested!

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