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Consultations for Pediatricians

                    We Know......It takes MORE THAN MEDS.

The current mental health care crisis in our youth has been brewing for decades.  It is not a surprise to either of us- psychiatrist or pediatrician.  The problem is… there are not enough therapists or psychiatrists out there to take care of our struggling youth. While children wait for therapists, they get more and more ill and more and more unstable.

While they are waiting for a therapist or a psychiatrist where are these kids?


                       In their pediatrician's office.  In YOUR OFFICE.

Our pediatricians, family care physicians and practitioners are holding on to so many of our struggling youth while they are waiting to get the help they need. Often times, pediatricians have no choice, but to start a medication- or even several medications- while they wait for specialized mental health care.  Sometimes pediatricians are comfortable and confident using psychiatric medications to treat mental health conditions, and other times...

not so much.

If you are a pediatrician or a family physician who needs support, guidance, education, or just a listening ear, to help you better care for your behavioral health patients...

I am here. 

We know that for nearly all of our patients it will take MORE THAN MEDS.

Through group and individual consultations, I provide clinical reccomendations to help you

know better and do better with these complex cases.

Thus, my consultations provide guidiance not just on medications, but also coping strategies, reframing statements and crisis management that can help you save time and emotional energy, while problem solving and preparing for anticipated challenges that arise with behavioral health patients.  Often times non adherence to treatment reccomendations can also be a barrier to wellness.  My consultations can also provide guidance on how to help patients see you as on their team and help them follow through on your reccomendations. 

I will help you learn how to provide choice to patients who feel stuck.


With choice comes empowerment.

With empowerment comes confidence.

With confidence, people do better. 

For more information on consultation services please email me at

Shivana Naidoo, MD

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