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               Is It Just a PHASE ?  

Every child, teen and young adult at various points in their lives may present with a thorn or three.  How do we know what is normal,  what may be a diagnosis and what is just a phase?

Be curious.  Ask yourself  the following questions and bring the answers to a medical professional.

Over a span of the past 2 weeks to 8 weeks ask yourself about the phase/symptom/concern you see in your child or yourself and help define the change by using the below guide.

Use the Acronym- F.I.N.D.




































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Bring the above information to a medical professional to help you clarify if this symptom or issue is more than a phase.

If  you observe YES for DYSFUNCTION.... Be proactive. Not reactive.


Please bring your child to be assessed by any medical professional as soon as you can. 

For more information about how to find a mental health professional to further assess
your child, please see my podcast episode -Thinking It Through with Dr. Naidoo- Child Psychiatrist Connecting to Care.

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