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 You are What You Eat

A balanced diet is essential to a healthy mental state. The field of nutritional psychiatry is rapidly developing and there are many advances in using food as medicine. There is no food plan or food itself that is evidenced based to reduce the risk suicide.  However there are several dietary patterns that are known to improve memory and concentration, help manage stress and emotional resillience,  mitigate mood symptoms anxiety, and attention.

The Standard American Diet [SAD] for youth is not supportive of mental or physical wellbeing. 


Change is hard, especially when it comes to diet.

Consider ADDING HEALTHFUL food before SUBTRACTING the unhelpful food.

The below foods and polyunsaturated fats have evidence to support mental health. Adding these into your diet or your child’s diet can complement their journey towards balanced mental health.

There are many more, I am only listing a few.




Green Leafy Veggies


Pumpkin Seeds

Omega 3- 1000mg/ 1 gram daily

[Fish Oil [EPA/DHA] has been shown to be more helpful than Plant Based Omega 3's [ ALA ]

American Academy of Psychiatry advises taking the above dose of Omega 3s EPA/DHA if you have any depressive disorder or impulse control disorder.   10.1177/2045125319869791

Shivana Naidoo, MD

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