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Empowering Parents to Prevent Suicide

We know that teenagers are impulsive. They feel all the feels and can often do things quickly without thinking fully about the consequence. This is one of the reasons why rates of suicide attempts in youth is high. As a parent, you can still keep your child safe by doing the most evidenced based intervention to prevent suicide which is reducing access to lethal means in your home. No matter how many mental health care professionals your youth is seeing or talking to, no one else can do this step but you. The 5 Step Safety Check is a strategy that you can use to help make safeguarding your home seamless. Parents can prevent suicide if they DoBetter at reducing access to lethal means. This course aims to empower any parents with essential tools for suicide prevention. Follow this 5 step safety check to DoBetter at keeping your child safe in your home. Know better, DoBetter, and Feel better.


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