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Pediatric Psychiatrist. Mental Health Care Advocate. Parent. Podcaster.

"How can I help my child?"


"How do I talk to my child

without an explosion?"


"How do I know if they are unsafe?"


"What do I DO when they are unsafe?"


As a Child And Adolescent Psychiatrist who has worked with thousands of youth in mental health crisis and their parents, I have been asked those questions countless times. 


My 13+ years and counting in practice have motivated me to create educational courses and workshops for parents and pediatric care teams so I can help spread awareness and solutions to everyone who wants to join the movement and do better — prevent and support youth in mental health crisis starting at home.​ 


Our children were not born with a guidebook, nor have they developed on as they grow up, but imagine if you did have such a guidebook to help you through the challenges that come from living with a teen surviving a mental health crisis. 


This is the summation of my work.  


My mission is to be a constant guide and a beacon of hope for parents and pediatric care teams faced with youth challenged by constant emotional ups and downs, overwhelming and unpredictable moods and emotions, or struggling with in a mental health crisis related to suicide.  


Join the movement. More easily navigate the next bumpy emotional ride?  Get the skills to keep your own emotions in check while also keeping your teen’s emotions in check. Become proactive, instead of reactive.  Feel empowered to handle any crisis at any time.


This is my life's work and dream.


Know Better. Do Better. Feel Better. — join the movement-



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